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Welcome to ONDOAN, welcome to our website.

At ONDOAN we have always clearly understood the urgent need to communicate with our customers; i.e. to open relationship channels with all the people, entities or companies that belong to our field of activity, to our daily lives. This is the goal of this website, which we invite you to visit. It is a sign of our commitment to transparency and information, our commitment to the environment and our vocation for service.

For more than 35 years, ONDOAN has been adding new services, processes and systems to drive our balanced and progressive growth, which is based on quality, permanent improvement and innovation. We have made a great effort over these three decades to become the leading force in our sector: Facilities Engineering, the Environment, and Maintenance. And we believe we have achieved our goal.

We believe this success is due to a corporate model that encourages values, and that has always been based on customer service, team spirit, quality, commitment and initiative; all this under a strict ethical code applied to all our projects and treating all the parties involved with maximum respect. Values, in short, that have made us a key player in the market in which we operate and that has made ONDOAN a highly valued company.

I would like to use this welcome message to thank all our customers, friends and collaborators for the support they have always given us and to let them know that we shall always work and strive to improve our relationships with them through new cooperation projects.

Our doors are open. Please, come in.

Jorge Álvarez Garcés